About NCCA Awards

Each year, the North Carolina Counseling Association recognizes professional excellence and service with the following awards. Members will be notified of the nomination process which begins in November, and awards are presented at the NCCA Annual Conference in February. Nominations must be made by members of NCCA. Nominees must be members of NCCA with the exemption of the Administrator of the Year and Special Citizen’s Merit Award.

Congratulations 2020 winners recognized at the 2021 Conference!

The Ella Stephens Barrett Award  – Dr. Mark Schwarze
Don C. Locke Multicultural & Social Justice Award – Dr. Janee’ Avent-Harris
Jane E. Myers Wellness Counseling Award – Dr. Shanita Brown
Innovation/Creativity in Counseling Award – Dr. Loni Crumb
Beginning Counselor Award – Felix Morton IV
Professional Writing and/or Research Award – Dr. Lucy Purgason
Devoted Service Award – Dr. Regina Gavin Williams
Administrator of the Year Award – Dr. Peggy Whiting
Special Citizen’s Merit Award – Becky Hamby
Most Improved Division – NCACES
Most Effective Membership Drive/Recruitment – NCAMCD
Division Special Recognition for Leadership – NCAOCA

The Ella Stephens Barrett Award for Excellence in Professional Leadership

The Ella Stephens Barrett Award for excellence in professional leadership is the most coveted honor bestowed by NCCA. This award honors the memory of Miss Ella Stephens Barrett, former state supervisor of Guidance Services, and recognizes a NCCA member who has displayed outstanding leadership in the improvement and enhancement of the counseling profession.

2020 – Mark Schwarze
2019 – Angela Brooks-Livingston
2017 – J. Scott Glass
2016 – Stanley Baker
2015 – Christina Rosen
2014 – Sarah Moore Brookshire
2013 – Louise Glenn
2012 – Stanley Baker

Administrator of the Year Award

The Administrator of the Year Award is designed to recognize someone who has advanced or given support to the philosophy and objectives of one or more of the helping professions. The term administrator is defined as anyone employed in a supervisory or administrative position in an educational or service rendering agency.

2020 – Peggy Whiting
2019 – Noreal Armstrong
2018 – Molly Hayes
2017 – Sarah Dunagan
2016 – Angela McDonald
2015 – Mark Schwarze
2014 – Kylie P. Dotson-Blake
2013 – J. Scott Young

Innovation/Creativity in Counseling Award

The Innovation/Creativity in Counseling Award recognizes unusual, exemplary achievement by members. This award could be given for activities such as new program development, use of special talents or unusual approaches to meet the needs of clients and other audiences.

2020 – Loni Crumb
2019 – Raymond Ting
2018 – Nicole Stargell
2017 – Angie Smith
2016 – Dominique Hammonds
2015 – Laura Bethea
2013 – Marc Gimmett

Professional Writing and/or Research Award

The Professional Writing and/or Research Award recognizes a member who has contributed to the profession through significant writing and/or research.

2020 – Lucy Purgason
2019 – Janeé Avent Harris
2018 – Dr. Allison Crowe
2017 – Dr. Loni Crumb
2016 – Jeff Warren
2013 – Laura Gonzalez

Beginning Counselor Award

The Beginning Counselor Award has been established to recognize counselors who in their first two years of practice have shown unusual skill and promise of outstanding future accomplishments.

2020 – Felix Morton IV
2019 – Mecca Waller
2018 – Sarah Mehta
2016 – Camila Pulgar
2015 – Brittany Bodwell
2014 – Charla Suggs
2013 – Michael Grabiec

Devoted Service Award

The Devoted Service Award recognizes a member who has provided leadership and service to NCCA and to the counseling field well beyond the typical involvement in voluntary leadership positions in a professional organization.

2020 – Regina Gavin Williams
2019 – Jonathan Ricks
2018 – Angela Brooks-Livingston
2017 – Sarah Moore
2016 – Pattie Amundsen
2015 – Chris Greene
2014 – Angela McDonald

Special Citizen’s Merit Award

The Special Citizen’s Merit Award recognizes citizens, legislators, members of other professions or others who have made substantial contribution to the helping professions, or have shown exceptional leadership in endeavors, which significantly improve conditions for clients or citizens in North Carolina.

2020 – Becky Hamby
2019 – Andrew Freeman
2018 – Sara Christenbury
2017 – Christyn Grant
2016 – Billy West
2014 – Art Constantini

Don C. Locke Multicultural & Social Justice Award

Started in 2019, the Don C. Locke Multicultural & Social Justice Award honors the memory and legacy of Dr. Don C. Locke, Distinguished Professor Emeritus at NC State, by recognizing an active NCCA member who is a champion for diversity that has made significant contributions to enhancing multicultural and social justice within and beyond the counseling profession.

2020 – Janee’ Avent Harris
2019 – Jennifer Joyner
2018 – Inaugural – Dr. Phyllis Post

Jane E. Myers Wellness Counseling Award

Started in 2019, the Jane E. Myers Wellness Counseling Award honors the memory of Dr. Myers, former Counselor Educator at UNCG and Executive Director of Chi Sigma Iota, by recognizing an NCCA member who has encouraged clients to increase their holistic wellness through counseling practice and/or research that incorporates an evidence-based wellness model.

2020 – Shanita Brown
2019 – Gigi Hamilton
2018 – Inaugural – Dr. Stephen Kennedy

Most Improved Division

The Most Improved Division Award recognizes divisions that have worked to make their group more active. This activity might involve appointing officers, planning a conference or drive-in workshop, starting a newsletter, etc.

2020 – NCACES
2019 – NCGSA
2018 – NCAARC
2016 – NCCCA
2015 – NCAMCD
2014 – NCCDA
2013 – NCACES
2012 – NCACES

Most Effective Membership Drive/Recruitment

The Most Effective Membership Drive/Recruitment Award recognizes divisions that have increased or maintained their membership through creative, effective membership recruitment plans (i.e. incentives, benefits, etc.).

2020 – NCAMCD
2019 – NCAADA
2018 – NCGSA
2017 – NCAMCD
2016 – ACACNC
2015 – NCAAC
2014 – NCCDA


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