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Counseling Articles
Care for Caregivers: Understanding the Need for Caregiver Support
Marcela Kepic, Amber Randolph, and Katherine M. Hermann-Turner, July 2018
Friendships, Subjective Age, and Life Satisfaction
Suzanne Degges-White and Marcela Kepic, October 2019
A study of 422 women, aged 31 to 77, was conducted to explore the relationships among friendship networks, subjective age, and life satisfaction. Friendship network size was related to lower subjective age, but not related to chronological age. More frequent visits with friends were related to lower subjective age and to higher life satisfaction. Satisfaction with the number of friends and a larger number of friends are related to higher levels of life satisfaction. Subjective age, group belonging, and being someone’s best friend were significant predictors of life satisfaction.

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